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White Silk Pillowcase-An Analysis

When you are looking for the best white silk pillow cases there are a number of things to consider: the kind of silk used, what thread count really means, what the momme weight is and why it doesn’t matter, the manufacturing process, where it is made and of course how it feels. The feel of a silk pillow case is what makes you fall asleep with a smile on your face. If it doesn’t feel like the softest thing ever, it doesn’t make much sense to buy it. The first thing that needs to be determined is the kind of silk that was used in making the silk pillow cases you’re looking at. The large majority of silk pillows will be made with charmeuse silk or mulberry silk. Other kinds of silk exist and are used, but they will feel rather different. If the package says they are made from either of these then you are good to go. However if it says something like raw silk, tussah, Assam, habotai or another kind of silk, take a step back. Go back to the internet and see what those really are because they generally won’t provide the silky smooth feeling most people are after when buying silk pillows. Visit our website white silk pillowcase

While the thread used to assemble the pillow case might seem important, it really isn’t. Most manufacturers won’t list the kind of thread used, and in reality it doesn’t matter. It would be better to use your energy trying to figure out which design is best. Most silk pillow cases you find will be open sack or hidden flap styles. Few will use a zipper to keep things closed and that’s best. he hidden flap style use a flap to hold the pillow inside the case. Open sack styles are most likely the easiest to find although the hidden flap style is a little more useful. When it comes to momme weight, don’t fret too much. If the package says the pillow case has a momme weight of between 16 and 19 then it’s fine. If it has over or under these numbers, look elsewhere. It will be too thick or too thin. If it doesn’t list a momme weight, stop worrying because it will be between 16 and 19. Thread count? Keep it above 400 or so and you’ll be fine. Extremely high thread count numbers are unnecessary and may not be completely accurate. The country of origin for the silk will have an effect on the feel of the pillow case as well. Often handmade, Thai silk has a different feel than what people may be expecting when they buy something made of silk. Many kinds of silk sourced from India have a different feel as well. Just be sure you know what you are getting and realize not all silk feels the same.

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